Call for Workshop Presentation, and Stories Best Practices

Imagine Nepal calls for papers, workshops presentations, and stories of best practices to present in the First Provincial Conference on Appreciative Inquiry to be held from December 4-6, 2018 at Bhairahawa.  The presentation should be on the research, applications, innovations and experiences of applying Appreciative Inquiry and the science and art of positivity in communities, families, organizations and society.  These sessions will be of one hour duration that should be rich in examples, and engaging.

 The presentations can be related to any one or more themes as follows:


1.      Prosperity: Understanding what is and what is not prosperity.  How to balance economic, social, cultural, and environmental considerations in achieving prosperity.  How to strategize and design systems, plans, and procedures to achieve the prosperity.

2.      Power of Vision: Envisioning the Province: Understand the power of vision and collectively envision what kind of province do we like to see.  A workshop comprising participants from different sectors will create a vision of the province for 2030 which is challenging but achievable.  

3.      Governance: Exploring the linkages among the governance, security, justice and development.  How best can we transform our governance system?

4.      Health and Education: How do we achieve good health and wellness?  How do we create a safe and supportive learning environment for students and teachers?  How do we blend academic learning with character and well-being. How to create a healthy population that survive longer and is more intelligent? How to ensure quality health and education to every citizen as envisaged by the Constitution?

5.      Entrepreneurship, Employment and Livelihoods: What can we learn from the best practices of entrepreneurship, employment generation and livelihood development.  What factors are necessary for household economic development? How to create win-win environment between employer and employee?

6.      Environment and Climate change: What the world is calling for to address the challenges of environmental issues and climate change? How to build climate change resilient ecosystem and communities? How do we create strategy to use climate smart technology?

7.      Media, Social Media and Social Change: How do we increase the role of media and social media for the positive social transformation?

8.      Socio-cultural diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice: What are the issues/factors of unity in diversity? How a rainbow/prism can be created from different socio-cultural groups? and How to heighten equity,  inclusion and social justice?

9.      Happiness, Blissful life, and Unleashing Inner Human Excellence: How best can we achieve happiness and blissful life?  What are the factors of inner human excellence for happiness and blissful life. What are the values of oriental philosophy, human values, and character ethics for the happiness and blissful life.

How to submit?

 Please include the following and send your proposal:

·         Name of presenter/s and contact detail

·         Title of the presentation

·         A brief description of the presentation

Please send your proposal at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Guideline for the Presentation

  1. We are expecting your presentation rich in examples of best practices or stories that you have practiced, observed and studied. 
  2. Make the presentation session as interactive as possible and let all the participants in your session lively engage in the discussion or activities.
  3. You can plan with your own innovative way of making presentations.  However, we suggest the following broad outline for the presentation.
    1. Background/Introduction about the topic you are presenting.
    2. What are best aspects you have observed/experienced in this theme/topic?
    3. What are the factors that made the best?
    4. How could have been this even better than what it was?
    5. What can we learn from these successes and success factors?
    6. What suggestions do you make to apply the learning from these successes ?
    7. What way forward do you suggest?   What specific tips do you suggest to make an improvement in the future. 
  4. Please do not make information overload but plan the session in such a way that the participants at the end of your session are inspired, energized and motivated to apply what you have suggested.
  5. Please plan to start on time and finish on time.


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